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I’m Melanie, the girl behind the lens at Melanie Foster Photography. Whether you’re getting ready for your upcoming OU senior or your Bartlesville or Tulsa family photography experience, I hope you’ll stay a while, pick up a few tips, and be inspired for your own MFP photo session! 

Karolina – OU Senior, Class of 2018 – OU Senior Photographer


Karolina – OU Senior, Class of 2018 – OU Senior Photographer

If you think I’m anywhere close to being done posting seniors – hang tight! We’ve got a lot more to go! 🙂 It’s been an absolute blast getting to hand-pick each of these images for these gorgeous girls! It’s just as exciting to me as it is for them to get their galleries back! There is so much anticipation to hear their responses once I hit “send” on that final email! To receive positive words and encouragement in return is a joy! Here are just a couple of notes I’ve received recently from my girls after sending galleries off:

“Melanie you are AWESOME!!!  These are so incredible and I love them all so so much. You’re a rockstar and I cannot thank you enough for getting these to me so quickly!! My mom is going to be THRILLED. You are the best ever and I loved getting to know you! Truly wish I had something else coming up so that I could have you take even more!”

“These look absolutely fantastic! I cannot believe how incredible they turned out, I’m obsessed! Thank you so much for everything!”

“You are LITERALLY AN ICON!!!! Showing everyone I know all these sweet pics! Thank you for taking time out to help us celebrate the best four years ever!! I want these blown up on billboards!”

I cannot thank God enough for how far he’s brought me in this business (and in life), but also where he’s placed me right now. I mentioned in a recent blog that I am just really dang happy right now and I owe it all to him. It’s all too easy to rely on the Lord when things aren’t going too hot, but then to claim the victory and praise for yourself when you’re on the mountain top. I want to be so intentional about praising him and giving him the glory for the good things. For some strange reason I don’t why that’s harder – it’s like we have this false sense of control or believe that what WE did ourselves got us where we are. I have not done anything alone!!

*Stepping off my soap box*

Karolina’s photos are HERE!! We’ve been really lucky to have beautiful sunny days, even if there is a lot of wind! I’m really loving campus right now & being able to play with the sunlight! With every shoot, I try to find 1-2 new locations so that I’m not only challenging myself, but also giving everyone a bit of variety and uniqueness to their gallery! Of course I always have a few go-to locations, but getting out of my comfort zone has been really fun. For Karolina’s, we shot at the fountain between Price & Buchanan Hall – it’s where Nick, her boyfriend, asked her to be official!

Check out the rest below (including some adorable snaps of her dog, Millie!)

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