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Park Cities Baptist Church Proposal | Alex and Allie | Highland Park, TX


pcbc proposal

There are so many special details and personal touches to Alex and Allie’s story, and there was no greater joy than to be the one invited to help capture a monumental and memorable day for them! I originally got connected with these two through Austin & Riley, which is funny because I hadn’t even photographed their Highland Park proposal yet when Austin told me he had already recommended me to Alex! That is the best compliment!! Honestly at the time, I didn’t think my schedule would allow me to come back to Dallas again before Thanksgiving, but it ended up aligning with the week, and I was thrilled!

Alex and I talked through a couple different options for the plan, settled on one involving a book store, and then ultimately ended up switching gears on our check-in call two weeks before the big day. Park Cities Baptist Church is where Allie has wanted to get married for years – not only did she grow up attending PCBC, but her grandma and mom did as well! It is absolutely stunning, and we knew it was the perfect place! Because I wouldn’t be back in town beforehand to location scout, Alex and I both did a ton of research and prep on the front end to make sure our setup would work. My favorite part was how sentimental and personalized the moment was. On the day of, Alex and I arrived early and walked around a bit before settling on a beautiful white door (framed with 2 Timothy 3:17) off to the side of the church. Knowing they would probably have a ton of portraits taken at the front of the church on their wedding day, we wanted to pick something a little bit different and I’m SO glad we did! These images are classic!

In his questionnaire, Alex had the kindest things to say about his future bride and I had to share! –

“Allie pushes me like no other person I know in just about everything I do. Most importantly when it comes to our faith. Our faith is the center piece of our relationship (we strive for it to be), and she pushes me to be a better man of God more than anyone else in my life. She is supportive and loves me through it all. Life can be a roller coaster, as cliche as it sounds, especially when it comes to work and my health, yet she stands by my side and loves me and encourages.”

These two have a tradition of spending their Saturday mornings at La La Land Cafe in Dallas (which is ADORABLE by the way!), and both have a heart for adoption, missions, and cheering on their rival football teams (Alex is a fellow Sooner while Allie graduated from Texas!). They are hoping to get married within the next year, and I am so excited to cheer them on in this fun season of life! Congratulations Alex and Allie!

highland park proposal park cities baptist church proposal highland park proposal

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