April 4, 2018

Katie N. – OU Senior, Class of 2018 – OU Senior Photographer

Katie – OU 2018 Senior – OU Senior Photographer

I’m always trying to give variety – in posing, locations, lighting, etc. We had some fun with this at Katie’s shoot because she pulled off EVERY POSE I gave her! I am the luckiest and have some of the most beautiful, photogenic seniors this year! They are crushing it. And how about Katie’s GORGEOUS BLUE EYES!!!! What the heck – they are amazing. We also got to try out some different spots around campus – ones that you normally probably wouldn’t look at and think, “oh let’s shoot there!”. Because we had an overcast day for Katie’s session, we had so much flexibility in where we shot and I am super excited about the results and the way it challenged me! I think you’ll spot some of those new locations in the images below – let me know what you think!

Katie’s boyfriend, Austin, joined us for a couple photos and he did great too! I’m so appreciative of the friends and boyfriends that come along for a shoot and help carry bags, joke around to get genuine laughs, and just share their company. It’s still so fun when it’s just me and my client, but to have an extra friend never hurts 🙂 These two are quite the accomplished couple! They have plans to move to Louisiana together, where Austin is going to begin his residency! Katie has much to look forward to as well…she’s pursing a career in applied behavioral analysis for children with Autism! Let’s be honest – all of my seniors are smarter than me hah!

This season of life is filling my heart y’all! I don’t know what I’m going to do when things slow down again after graduation – getting to know each of you, witness your beauty and confidence, and have quality conversations is so fulfilling! I am blessed!!! Seriously!!

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