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OU Delight | 2019 Leadership Team


ou delight leaders sit on front stairs of evans hall

I had no idea what a walk with Christ really looked like when I was in college. I still probably don’t! (The older I get, the more I realize how much I don’t know…I know we hear that a lot, but it is SO TRUE!!!) I would go to church on Sundays, read my bible every few days, and journal about my prayers. But to actually step into an intimate relationship with Christ and study his word daily was something that I didn’t pursue faithfully until I moved back to Norman from Nashville at the end of 2016. The transformation I’ve experience has since turned me upside down, and I couldn’t be more grateful for his grace and patience with me while I slowly tiptoed towards God throughout my life. My favorite part of my day is when I get to sit down in the antique wingback chair in my office with a sermon on my iPad, my bible, journal, and coffee. It’s my retreat – a time to reset, to repent, to pray, to give thanks, to study the word. There is nothing more sweet or filling to my soul than that time with the Lord.

Since graduating from OU, I realized how much I love being able to build relationships with girls who are a few steps behind me in life. I didn’t necessarily have or pursue a mentor as a teenager and in college, so it’s important to me now to be that for the girls in my community. Delight Ministries started with a sweet group of OU Thetas my first year back in town, and it’s been the biggest joy to serve as their advisor ever since. This is a group of girls on campus who are so dear to me. They are passionately pursuing the Lord and are eager to make his name known. They fearlessly pursue relationships, community, and truth, and I love getting to partner alongside them in that!

This year’s team is one of the best, and while I don’t know how many 7AM mornings I’ll make this semester, I am so excited to see how God moves in their lives and through Delight!! All my love!!!

ou delight leaders hug and laugh on ou campus ou delight leaders hug and laugh on ou campus ou delight leaders hug and laugh on ou campus ou delight leaders sit on front stairs of evans hall

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