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I’m Melanie, the girl behind the lens at Melanie Foster Photography. Whether you’re getting ready for your upcoming OU senior or your Bartlesville or Tulsa family photography experience, I hope you’ll stay a while, pick up a few tips, and be inspired for your own MFP photo session! 

OU 2020 Senior | Taylor M. | University of Oklahoma Graduation Photos


I first met Taylor through Delight Ministries. It was early on in her time at OU, and I was the staff advisor for the girls as they kicked off the early morning bible study and community group! As Taylor approached her senior year, she reached out late summer (you guys know I love my early birds!) and let me know I was top of mind when it came to booking graduation photos!

I love how ethereal and angelic Taylor is – in her spirit and demeanor, and in her beauty. She strikes me as having an “old soul” – there is a maturity and steadiness to her that leads me to believe she is not easily rattled! Which also makes her PERFECT for the dreams she is pursuing in a field of service! When we first talked, she mentioned that she would love to be an elementary school teacher in an urban area, go to graduate school for counseling or education, or working in a nonprofit or ministry! She has such a calming presence that I know she will be perfect for whatever path the Lord has her on!

Taylor’s fiancé, Kaden, came to her shoot and it was one of my favorite things! Having a friend, boyfriend, or family member at your shoot is helpful for a couple reasons –

  1. Extra set of hands to help carry things!
  2. Extra set of eyes to help keep hair and outfits in place
  3. I get to use them when it comes to posing! 🙂 I love when I get to say, “Look to your right like you’re flirting with your fiancé!” It is a perfect way to get a natural smile or laugh!

The answer to “can I bring a friend?” is always YES!

So thrilled you’re an MFP senior, Taylor!!!

ou 2020 senior poses softly in front of red brick collegiate building at the university of oklahoma college graduate poses on campus in front of collegiate buildings for 2020 senior photos OU 2020 senior celebrates by throwing confetti in front of green foliage on college campus OU 2020 senior holds hair in front of Evans hall 2020 ou senior smiles in front of bizzell memorial library and green ivy wall at the university of oklahoma campus 2020 ou senior poses in graduation regallia in front of bizzell memorial library at sunset

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