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OU 2020 Senior | Brittany | Fall Oklahoma Senior


fall oklahoma senior

OU 2020 Senior | Brittany | Fall Oklahoma Senior

I am so pumped to celebrate Brittany on the blog today! This new friend is graduating from OU with her bachelors and masters degrees in accounting! Not only that, but she already has a job locked in at Ernst & Young next year!!! What a rockstar!!

Brittany and I were originally scheduled to shoot on a Friday – the same Friday a major cold front and storms were supposed to blow through. The forecast was not looking great, and we had a morning time set which made me a bit nervous. Don’t get me wrong – I love a good sunrise photoshoot – but with how unpredictable the Oklahoma weather can be, it helps to have time leading up to your shoot to watch how things are moving along and what all is changing, if anything, in order to make the best decision about moving forward! Brittany and I talked a bit about the pros and cons of our original Friday AM vs. moving our time up to Thursday afternoon, when we knew we would have a warmer, sunnier day, and ultimately we made a GOOD decision to shoot early! it is so important to me to keep an eye on those things, consider all the factors, and stay in the loop with my clients so that they know what the plan is!

One of my biggest struggles related to this is taking personal responsibility for the weather! I know I don’t have any control over it, but for some reason I tend to take that on as if I could control it. I feel so guilty when we have to reschedule for the forecast because I know it’s not fun for anyone, and it can require rearranging with travel or hair and makeup appointments. I was so thankful Brittany sought my opinion and was willing to talk through our options!! The same goes for two of my other seniors from this specific Norman trip! Being flexible is KEY!

What’s fun about these is that we ended up shooting way earlier than I normally would start a session – we kicked things off at 3PM! I know most photographers prefer the 1-1.5 hours before sunset, known as “golden hour”, but I love the contrast and pop you can get from having MORE sunlight! And I seriously don’t even think you could tell the difference, except for the fact that I am giving it away! 🙂

I was so impressed by Brittany’s career-oriented and focused mindset. She is adventurous, detailed, and it was a joy to help celebrate her senior year! Congratulations to this new friend!

oklahoma fall senior photos

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