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OU 2019 Graduate | Emi H. | Norman Oklahoma Senior Photos


young senior stands in front of academic building on ou campus in white dress

OU 2019 Graduate | Emi H. | Norman, Oklahoma Photographer

Three words to describe Emi: poised, impressive, and down-to-earth. I don’t know how she does it. You would think those characteristics contradict one another, but she is so level-headed and easy to be around! I couldn’t have had a more enjoyable evening with Emi & her mom on campus, hearing about her next step to pursue law school, her family (she is the only girl and has THREE brothers!), and the passions she pursued as an OU student, including CAC and her experience as a Rho Gamma! We share those last two things in common, but even more random is that we both actually ended up meeting our sorority G-littles after serving as their Rho G’s!

I love that this wasn’t the first time Emi was in front of my camera! She was a bridesmaid in Rachel & Berent’s wedding last summer (one of my very last weddings to shoot!) and it was so much fun to know that she wasn’t an unfamiliar face! Emi was a dancer for most of her life, and we laughed about how I tend to feel/act like a dance or stage mom when I am shooting. First of all, I probably sound like one because I am constantly encouraging and praising while giving direction and posing instructions! I also realized that I often reflect one of my favorite posing tips back to my girls as I am photographing them…it’s just a little leg pop, but I think I do it subconsciously the entire time I’m shooting! Hah! Who would have known?

Emi’s photos are some of my favorite from the season so far. Campus is finally getting greener, so each shoot I have, I try to add on a location that I may not have been able to shoot in a few days prior! For hers, it was a little nook in the North Oval that always has the best filtered light between trees!

I hope you love these, Emi!! Cannot wait to see you again soon and hear all about law school!!

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senior smiles at camera for ou senior photos with green trees in background ou senior wearing an oklahoma football jersey smiles at the camera in front of the bizzell library ou senior looks off with graduation regallia around her neck ou senior wearing an oklahoma football jersey smiles at the camera in front of the bizzell library ou senior holds up a number 1 with her hand in cap and gown graduation regallia

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