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Chad & Sarah – NYC Proposal Photographer – Central Park


nyc central park proposal

I CANNOT believe I got to shoot an NYC proposal!

Over 700 photos taken. 30,000 steps walked. 2 days. And 1 busted toe. I wouldn’t have changed anything about this weekend – it was unforgettable. Before I get into the details, I have to share a little background! Our cousins, the Falkenstein’s, grew up as our closest family. Their three boys were just a year or two older than each of us, and they were our only family in Texas! We would trade off visiting between Plano and Kingwood and went on annual beach trips together! We have countless inside jokes with the Falkenstein’s & it is never more fun than when we are all together! Which is why this weekend and this event was particularly special!

Chad is the youngest in their family, so we have gravitated towards each other over the years. He’s been so intentional with keeping in touch and I have loved getting to see him in all different places – OU/Texas weekend (he’s a Longhorn, but I’ve forgiven him!), Easter weekends in both Houston & Dallas, a visit with Sarah when I was in Nashville, and now this past weekend when he proposed to her in Central Park and invited me to shoot it!

Sarah has lived in the city for the past year and a half. With Chad in Houston full-time, he knew she would be expecting a proposal before the end of the summer. The last time he was in town, she was CONVINCED it was happening! He even took her through all of their favorite spots in Central Park which completely faked her out! Instead, he wanted it to be a total surprise which is why he didn’t even tell her he was in town this weekend! We all arrived in NYC on Friday afternoon and she had NO CLUE we were there! Thinking she was going to brunch with friends in Central Park on Saturday morning, she walked down the Mall only to see Chadwick standing there right in the middle! He got down on one knee with the most beautiful backdrop in the park and she said YES!  Then, they walked down to Bethesda Fountain where Sarah & Chad’s parents were waiting to surprise her!

We had the best time this weekend – not only because it was set in one of the best cities in the world, but because the whole day was centered around these two and their unwavering faith in the Lord and in each other. The things I appreciated most were that Chad did not rush – he took his time sharing his heart and love for Sarah as he was proposing AND they both were fully present throughout the entire day. Take notes boys!!!

Congratulations Sarah & Chad! Cannot wait for the #BrideofFalkenstein wedding!!

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