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Hometowns & Campgrounds – Steve Moakler – Norman, OK


steve moakler normanI’m not freaking out or anything!!! I am still trying to figure out if this all actually happened. Need a little back story? Here’s the original announcement (and some hilarious throwback photos of Steve & I in case you missed it!)

I woke up this past Thursday morning and legitimately felt like it was my wedding day. I know that sounds silly but the level of excitement and anticipation I felt was higher than what it is the day of the first OU home game every season. And if you know me, you know that is a BIG DEAL!!! Not a whole lot compares to that feeling. I spent the 48 hours leading up to it prepping, finalizing the backyard, cleaning, buying gifts, food, and drinks, and it was A DREAM!!!

I couldn’t write this blog without a couple of major shoutouts:

Praise Jesus for sweet Claire Parker (my roommate and best friend) because she had to live with me all week leading up to this event & it happened to be the same week of the biggest test of her educational career. Thank you for your patience and help!

The Ferguson’s, Cox’s, and friends for providing coffee & pizza for the evening!! I cannot wait for Capital’s to open!! Y’all are a treasure to me and already have your biggest fan!

Jess Mudhar for making my day – he bought me the cutest flower arrangement from my FAVORITE flower shop in Norman (Flower Shop OK) and it was the best surprise of the week! He also offered to help hang the Christmas lights – that’s a whole other story hah!!

Kylie Brown for celebrating her birthday with us at the show!! You make everything fun!!!

Katie Turner – my soul sister and best friend. She drove all the way down from Tulsa to help set up and clean up AND brought gifts and I just about cried upon seeing her sweet face in my driveway.

Meredith & Alexa – I love having quality time with you two!! THANK YOU for making the effort to continue our friendship, for showing up, and for knowing my heart!

Encouraging texts and notes from Hope & my home group! Thank you for thinking of me!

And the real MVP’s – my neighbors for not calling the cops on us!!! We were kind of loud…praise Jesus we made it through the night with no issues!

I had friends from Koda Norman, friends from work, friends from college, and more all there!! It was truly a blessing to see so many people I love and adore all in one place, not just supporting Steve and Gracie but also supporting me. My heart was FULL to the brim throughout the whole evening. I am lucky to have a job that allowed me time off to prep, friends that love intentionally and take the time and care to fill my buckets, and our Father in heaven who arranged this entire thing and has given me so much more than I deserve!! He knew I would need this night!

AND FINALLY STEVE & GRACIE MOAKLER!! You two made me feel so important and valued! It was a blast, after following both of your stories & dreams for so many years, to get to share a glimpse of my life & my background!! I am always on your team!!! THANK YOU for making the trip to Norman, Oklahoma!!

steve moakler norman steve moakler norman steve moakler norman Apparently having severe Déjà Vu?? Love you bday girl!!!steve moakler norman The coffee & ice cream connoisseurs!steve moakler norman steve moakler norman steve moakler norman I feel like I need to apologize for all of the redeye & bluriness – this is what happens when you pull out your old T2i for the on camera flash!! Hahaha oops. But I love these and cherish them anyways!

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