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Top 5 Best Places to Take Photos at OU – Melanie Foster Photography


best places to take photos at ouHello!! Week #2 of the Tuesday #lunchbreakblog! Today I’m sharing a few secrets – my top 5 BEST places to take photos at OU!

I am grateful that so many people value their experiences and the time they’ve spent as a student at the University of Oklahoma! It is a dear and special place to me, as I know it is to so many other fans, future students, current students, and alumni! We all share a mutual love for this campus and it is a place that has fostered growth, new relationships, personal & professional development, sweet memories, and a whole lot of fun! Part of what makes graduation season so special is that we get to capture the culmination of those things in a photoshoot to celebrate! Whether you were Sooner born and Sooner bred, or became a Sooner when you paid your enrollment commitment, being a part of the OU Family is invaluable and it is an honor to capture that in each of my senior sessions!

Moving on from the sappy stuff – let’s talk about some of my favorite places to take photos at OU! I’ve learned A LOT the past 6-7 years photographing college seniors – specifically which areas of campus photograph well, which don’t, unique or hidden spots that might be overlooked, and more. I always ask my seniors if they have any special spots on campus or location requests, but the #1 thing I am evaluating from a technical standpoint when I am making location decisions is the light. The location itself is important (especially when we’re talking about the Bizzell Library or clock tower!), but choosing an angle or specific spot that has clean light is my priority. Let’s talk about my 5 favorite places to take photos at OU – (keep in mind, these tend to change often, and they definitely change with the seasons!)

1. Northeast side of the clock tower, in between Evans Hall & Old Science Hall

It took me a long time to figure out that this was the prime clock-tower spot. I actually used to photograph people right in front of the tower with a 24mm lens vertically and Y’ALL. IT WAS BAD!!! This spot is ideal in the spring, after the trees in the pathway have come back to life!

2. Bizzell Memorial Library

Shooting in front of the Bizz is a staple at every senior shoot, but there are 2 reasons I switched things up a little bit with this last year – 1. Golden hour in April has gotten progressively more apocalyptic with the number of photographers out on shoots, meaning that you don’t always have the front angle as an option if it’s in use. 2. The light and background is actually better (and more of my personal style) from the side angle. I love also having the ability to frame my clients with the big tree on that side of the building as well!

fall photos at ou

3. Jacobson Hall Visitor’s Center

This is a recent favorite. It’s OU without screaming OU! You can get good variety here as well with the stairs and light concrete details on the building, but you can also shoot from the grass and capture the crepe myrtles in bloom too!

best places to take photos at oubest places to take photos at oubest places to take photos at ou

4. Monet Hall

As one of two white buildings on campus, I love Monet as a unique option that is crisp, clean, and collegiate-feeling.

best places to take photos at oubest places to take photos at oubest places to take photos at oubest places to take photos at ou

5. Tulips/Mums/anything seasonal!

You know it wouldn’t be OU without an iconic floral display on the South Oval! The grounds & landscaping crew knocks it out of the park every fall with the mums (peak bloom is the week before Homecoming!) and again in the spring with red & white tulips (typically best the first two weeks of April). If you are able to snag a spot on my schedule during these time frames, you’ve hit the jackpot!

best places to take photos at oufall photos at ou

I hope this insight on the best places to take photos at OU was helpful! I can’t wait to get things going again with the 2019 MFP seniors!!


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