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Classy Graduation Photos | Trini | OU Senior Class of 2020


classic graduation portrait

I know I don’t have to say it, because you’re about to see it, but Trini is STUNNING in every sense of the word. And for as perfect and beautiful as she is in these photos, she is just as lovely of a person on the inside, too. This sweet friend couldn’t have been more endearing or personable during our time together, and I didn’t want her shoot to end! Her classy graduation photos are some of my favorites from the season and I’m excited to show them off today – especially given the circumstances! Trini and I talked about how she grew up in Norman, and it was always a dream to attend OU and be a Sooner. I loved that she made OU her own home, and hearing about her time on campus brought back so many memories of my four years as a student!

You truly wouldn’t know it from these photos, but we were shooting in 25 mph + winds the night of her shoot. It was unreal. And unlike anything I’ve ever been up against! Obviously Oklahoma is windy, but this particular evening was above and beyond what I have worked in and Trini was a pro through it all! I couldn’t have asked for a better senior to be in front of my camera in the midst of the howling and whipping back and forth! We felt like we had to yell back and forth – it was that loud! I was so thankful for her long hair, too – it always tends to be a bit easier to manage when your hair has a bit of weight to it! Random, but true! She absolutely crushed it and I am thrilled with how her photos turned out!

It’s crazy to me that most of my girls booked last fall, and here we are, literally almost a full year later finally getting to celebrate! I am thankful that they have all been so flexible and gracious in working in their rescheduled date – Trini especially so! It’s been fun to bring senior season into the summer – everything is SO GREEN and full and lively and her photos are my favorite example of that!

Trini – I adore you girl! Praying I get the chance to photograph you and Griffin again SOON!

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