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2021 OU Senior Photos | Cassidy | Senior Picture Ideas


2021 OU Senior Photos | Cassidy | Senior Picture Ideas

Cassidy’s senior pictures are on the blog today, but guess what? This post is only part ONE of this shoot! This beautiful friend is actually a twin, and her sister Haley will be on the blog tomorrow for her own part two!!! I loved getting to photograph the Towe sisters individually and together – we made sure they each had their own special senior experience, and I wanted to make sure this time together was a treat! What I didn’t know was that I was in for my OWN fun! I couldn’t have asked for better models or sweeter quality time with each of them as I kicked off a marathon fall OU senior weekend!

Cassidy has been at OUHSC the last two years, so she was up for anything when it came to locations on the OU Norman campus. However, the one place she knew she wanted photos was the one place I photograph every single one of my seniors – Jacobson Hall, the visitor’s center! This is one of my favorite places to meet for a couple of reasons, but one specific reason is that it brings the experience full circle. If you attended OU, it is likely that you took an official campus tour, and the first place you went on campus was this gorgeous historic building at the north end of the north oval. Cassidy has been a tour guide the past few years, so Jacobson is even more special to her college years. We kicked things off and had the most beautiful fall light – this first photo below is hands down some of my all-time favorites – EVER!!!

One of my favorite parts of our shoot was when Cassidy and I connected on our faith. We originally met through Delight, so it of course came as no surprise, but it’s always a joy to hear more about how the Lord is working in someone’s life. Cass also has a wonderful community in Norman and has spent several summers working at Pine Cove!

You’ll see on Haley’s blog tomorrow, these two are the definition of bubbly. I couldn’t have asked for two better MFP seniors, and I am SO excited to share their stunning photos! Don’t miss a few at the bottom of the two of them together! More to come tomorrow!!!

See Cassidy’s Delight headshots!

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