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2019 Oklahoma Thetas | OU Sorority Senior Photos


ou sorority senior photos group of girls pose in front of college building

It’s true – I have a soft spot in my heart for OU Thetas! My four years in college wouldn’t have been what they were (and I DEFINITELY wouldn’t be who I am today!) without my KATs. It is so fulfilling to see a community of girls bond and invest in each other in the same way that you experienced yourself, and that is this sweet and endearing group of Oklahoma Thetas!

From OKC to San Antonio to NASHVILLE (shoutout!), these friends will be chasing dreams near and far. No matter the distance, they now have these photos to hold on to through the months and years to come. I don’t mean to be sappy, but it’s true! These will serve as a reminder of one of the most important times in their lives, of their bond and friendship, and are representative of all of the fun they had together in college! From playing “What Do You Meme” during the ice storm while living in Theta, to dancing the night away at date parties, spending OU/Texas together, and just being constant cheerleaders and confidants, they will cherish these lifelong friends and photos forever!

Love you girls so much already!


My LAST shoot of the 2019 spring season, and I am so grateful I got to spend it with Thetas! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been kited in front of the big white house, but I am SO glad to have this photo! My friend group didn’t get senior photos in 2015, but we do have this favorite from the senior date party just a few weeks prior to graduating! It’s still framed in my house today and I love having it to remind me of this unique season of life and all the fun we had together.

Thanks for following along! Tomorrow we will have our LAST 2019 spring senior hit the blog!!

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