Thank you Carsyn Abrams for the BEST photos of this special day! I thought writing blogs for dear friends proposals was hard…how in the world am I supposed to write one for my OWN!?!? Where do I even begin? Gosh, so many of you experienced the thick of things with me through college and the last few […]

Kat and “Kirmy” (as he is affectionately known) have quickly become two of my favorite people in the past few months. In the three weekends I’ve spent with them in Birmingham, they and their friends have welcomed me with Alabama charm and hospitality. Going to their house feels like a mini-vacation! We raced the sunset […]

birmingham proposal photographer

Proposals are THE. BEST. Getting to hear the boyfriend’s thoughts and plans, walking through the nerves and anxiety with him in the days before, keeping completely quiet behind bushes, and finally getting to see the girlfriend’s authentic and unfiltered joy are what make proposals on this side of things just a blast. I can’t wait […]