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OU Summer Lifestyle | Mary-Turner & Tyler


If you want to know who a perfect client is to me, look no further than Mary-Turner & Tyler.

Let me start off with some background info – one of my least favorite things to do is to reschedule a shoot if the weather is bad. I know my clients have been looking forward to their session just as much as me, and they are busy people! I think Mary-Turner and I ended up picking 3 or 4 different dates for this shoot and throughout all of the back and forth and weather issues, these two showed nothing but grace, patience, and flexibility, even with Tyler’s crazy work schedule in OU athletics! Thank you guys for being understanding – I think this was worth the wait!

The Pigg’s also proved to be some of the most thoughtful clients I’ve ever had. MT and I got connected through one of my OU coworkers – she and Chelsey are OU football buddies and watch the games together! This sweet friend has followed my business this past year, so she knew a little about me and my story. She showed up to campus with a gift basket in hand – full of homemade cookies (that were probably the best I’ve EVER had. Not kidding. They rival Levain in NYC!!), a hand-written note, darling cross print, and a bag of skinny pop popcorn! It doesn’t get any better than that!!

I connected with these two in a couple of areas – first with their Auburn connection! My sister is an AU grad (and it was one of my top college picks!) while MT & Tyler actually grew up in Opelika and then spent a bit of time at Auburn for Tyler’s first job out of college! We also found out that MT & I both moved in the middle of high school. We probably could have shared a lot of similar stories about being the “new girl”! If you can relate – let me know! Surely I’m not the only one whose home was egged, TPed, and front door destroyed with a glass jar of salsa…hah!

Speaking of Opelika & moving, I loved hearing about how MT & Tyler met! When she moved into town, Tyler was apparently was one of the popular kids, and had a bit of a “too-cool-for-school” attitude. That didn’t seem to last long because These two built their friendship, and then their relationship during their time in college at Troy.

I am so grateful to have finally met the Pigg’s and developed a friendship with them – I know our paths will cross again soon thanks to mutual friends and mutual interests and I can’t wait to see all that is in store for them in the coming months!

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