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Hey, y’all! 

I’m Melanie, the girl behind the lens at Melanie Foster Photography. Whether you’re getting ready for your upcoming OU senior or your Bartlesville or Tulsa family photography experience, I hope you’ll stay a while, pick up a few tips, and be inspired for your own MFP photo session! 

Elizabeth – OU Senior Photos – Norman Senior Photographer


Elizabeth – OU Senior Photos – Norman Senior Photographer

Perfect weather, perfect outfits, perfect girl! I told Elizabeth at the end of the night that I don’t think I had a shoot as calm & easy going as hers. There was this perfect mix of factors that made it that way and it was one of my favorite ways to start the week! I always want to prioritize the client’s vision – especially if they have specific locations in mind on campus. Elizabeth showed up and was honestly open and up for anything which gives me creative freedom and the perfect opportunity to explore a bit. She trusted me and knew what I was about! I am so grateful to work with friends who know a little of my heart before we get together to shoot!

On a similar note, my past & current seniors are all in a Facebook group together and I was surprised by the results to a poll I put up a few weeks ago! The majority of them voted for the “classic OU” backgrounds as their favorite images from their shoots! I would have assumed that the more generic ones would be the winners. That’s what happens when you spend 6+ years in the industry and follow a bunch of other photographers…you can get a little caught up in what you THINK people want! Truly getting to know my girls throughout their senior experience & getting honest feedback from my friends and clients keeps me in check with reality 🙂

I’m a bit behind on blogs, but my last few girls will be coming up these next few weeks! Cannot wait to share to keep the graduation celebrations going!

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