June 18, 2020

Norman Graduation Photographer | Olivia | OU Senior Photos

norman graduation photographer senior

WHAT IN THE WORLD this is just TOO EASY! My girls this year brought their A-game! Olivia was no exception – how fun is that sassy neutral leopard print!? This new friend is a stunner!!

I love everything about Olivia and this session! She was energetic, outgoing, so warm and easy to talk to! It should be no surprise – I had heard all about how wonderful she was from a mutual friend earlier this summer, and I couldn’t wait to finally meet her in real life! Olivia is from Bentonville, Arkansas, and when she visited OU, it was the perfect bit of different and unexpected! I can 100% relate – when I came to OU from my suburban Chicago high school, I was ready for a change!

Besides both being from out of state, Olivia and I also shared something random in common. She is planning to attend Emory in Atlanta to earn her nursing degree in an accelerated program, which is exactly what my mom did after she and my dad got married! We talked a lot about living at home these past few months, and how it was an adjustment being back in the house with family after experiencing so much independence.

We share so many mutual friends from OU – it was a treat to hear about how connected Olivia was at OU. These are the shoots that remind me of why I love what I do – we instantly clicked, had a blast on campus, and made the most of her MFP experience for the hour we were together! I couldn’t have loved it any more!

Olivia randomly reminds me a lot of one of my 2018 girls, Anna Lee. If you haven’t browsed through some of my past graduates, you should take a few minutes to look back! There are so many gems from the archives! Who is next!? I’m already booking for spring 2021!!!

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