April 28, 2017

Megan V. – University of Oklahoma Senior – Oklahoma Senior Photographer

I think one of the funnest parts of this little world is finding out how people find you. I remember hearing about the makeup artist (Megan) that Olivia befriended at MAC on the day we did her senior session. What was freaking awesome about it was that they clicked so well, they added each other on Facebook. From there, Megan ended up seeing some of Olivia’s photos that I shot and reached out to me last month to get HER session scheduled!! How freaking awesome is that!

Megan has a quiet yet confident spirit and I think of her as this edgy angel because JUST LOOK AT HER IN WHITE! Could not get over that one bit – especially the ones by the clock tower with the willows! She had a sense of peace in her demeanor and was so easy-going…basically every photographer’s dream. Sending a piece of my heart to you Megan – you’re the best.

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