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Kort & Madison – Hidden Lake – Edmond, Oklahoma Proposal


Edmond, Oklahoma Proposal

If I’ve learned anything from the past two proposals, it’s to always have a plan B!! From the Oklahoma weather to football season and travel schedules, it has been so helpful to have more than one option and the ability to be flexible!! I am lucky I get to work with the most awesome guys on pulling off the best surprises!!

I originally met Kort at Allie & Kyle’s proposal a few months ago. He reached out as he was putting his plan together and we chatted through the details! The week of, the weather was not looking great, so we decided to move it up from the afternoon to the morning and switch the location! It turned out to be perfect! Both he and Madison’s parents came early to help set up and the setting couldn’t have been any more beautiful!

The morning of…

Kort told Madison they were going to Edmond for brunch at his extended family’s home. Once they arrived in the neighborhood, he asked her if she wanted to go for a walk through the park! Of course she was a little confused, but they made their way down the path. Once she saw the setup, she knew what was coming! They walked across the cutest little bridge and took a seat on the blanket and pillows all set up for them on an island. The two of them chatted for a bit and she had the cutest laugh throughout their conversations! He read a few verses from her new bible with her future last name, prayed over their relationship, and then Kort got down on one knee to propose! Madison was over the moon!!

Madison is a natural encourager – she kept saying to Kort, “You did so good!!” She is the best cheerleader and will be an incredible wife!!

Selfishly, one of my favorite parts of the day was witnessing Madison show her friends the sneak peaks at their engagement party. You should have heard the squeals!! My heart was so happy!!! And to see her friends so thrilled for her too was the best. After walking through this with Kort, capturing the whole thing, and working quickly to get a couple culled and edited so that they had a few to show off…just to hear their excitement and awe over the images was one of my top 3 favorite moments of being a photographer. It is so rare I get to hear, let alone witness, a client reaction to their images and it was SO worth it! Madison was so happy that it was me that was there for this big moment in her life and I am so thankful for that!!

THRILLED for the future Mr. and Mrs. Suter!! Y’all are the best! Congratulations friends!!

Also – can we talk about that gorgeous diamond??? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything SO SPARKLY!!!

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edmond proposalokc proposaledmond oklahoma proposal The real MVPS!! I loved getting to help set up with Madison & Kort’s parents!okc proposal photographernorman proposal photographerfall lake proposaloklahoma proposal photographer EEEEEEK!!!norman proposal oklahoma lake proposal The most precious moments!norman lake proposal Look at the sheer joy on Madison’s face!! She couldn’t contain her excitement!!proposal photographer lake proposal photographer private proposal norman proposal photographer private lake proposal norman proposal photographer oklahoma proposal photographer okc proposal photographer okc proposal photographer norman proposal photographer okc proposal photographer This one might be one of my FAVORITES! They were looking at the sneak peaks I sent in between the proposal and the party!! You should have heard the squeals!okc proposal photographer norman proposal photographer norman proposal photographer norman proposal photographer norman proposal photographerFollow along on Instagram for more sneak peaks, behind the scenes, and before & after images!

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