August 1, 2018

Glass Chapel Brunch Wedding – Rachel & Berent

Glass Chapel Brunch Wedding – Rachel & Berent

THE TIME!!! Where does it go!?! Last summer I was shooting Rachel & Berent’s engagement photos, and here we are just a few days into their marriage!! You guys may know that this year, I only booked a handful of weddings. Andi & PL were my first couple earlier this spring, and these two followed suit! The low-key, intimate celebrations like The Ostervold wedding are my jam. I so appreciate the closeness of a smaller wedding, especially because it usually means more time for special moments, feeling more present, and the dearest people in the couple’s lives as witnesses.

I said it after their engagement session & I’ll say it again – Rachel and Berent are wise beyond their years. I feel like I’m hanging out with a couple that has been married 5, 6, 7 years – not newlyweds! They are easy to be around and their love for the Lord is contagious.

There were sweet & intimate moments throughout their wedding day, like when Rachel’s grandmother arrived and was the one to place the sixpence in Rachel’s shoe (quite possibly my FAVORITE detail) as she was getting ready, the first-look where Rachel & Berent read their personal vows to each other, and one-on-one moments post-ceremony with dear family members. But there was also plenty of laughter! Their pastor, Brent, infused the perfect amount of humor and personal touches in their ceremony! I also caught the wedding party mid-reception decorating the getaway car which was quite a sight & the groomsmen kept things light-hearted throughout wedding party photos.

It was the perfect day – a darling couple, personal touches and details, supportive and fun friends & family, and KNOCKOUT WEATHER that allowed us a ton of flexibility in our portrait locations & posing! The forecast called for scattered showers & there was not one drop of rain until about 2 minutes before they ran out the door for their exit! It couldn’t have been better timed!

Have the best time in Jamaica & I hope to see you two soon!! All my love!

glass chapel tulsa wedding broken arrow chapel wedding broken arrow chapel wedding  This is too good!!! Hahaha!

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