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Fall Norman Photos | Annie and Jaret | Lifestyle


fall norman photos

Annie’s face when she got out of the car with Jaret to meet me was one I wish I had captured on video because it was the cutest mix of confusion and excitement! She reacted this way because this whole shoot was a total surprise to her! I’ve of course been in on surprises for proposals, but never for a traditional lifestyle shoot, which made this one extra fun (ALSO I JUST LOVE SURPRISES YOU GUYS!!!) The irony was that I actually saw Annie earlier in the day on her tour guide shift, gave her a hug, and had to keep quiet about seeing her later so I didn’t spoil anything!

If you follow the blog, you may recognize Annie girl – she is one of my Delight leaders! She and Jaret recently celebrating their two year dating anniversary, and because he is basically the boyfriend of the year, he booked a mini session for them to celebrate! Of course the cutest moment was when we were all three outside of our cars and he was explaining to her what was happening – he knows how much Annie loves photos and capturing moments in time, and he wanted to make more memories with her through this session.

I love how big of a fan Jaret is of Annie – you can see it so apparently in these photos, and he embraces that role so well!

You two are precious!!!

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