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Ruthie | Month 1 | At Home with the Russells


Ruthie | Month 1 | At Home with the Russells

One whole month with Ruthie Kate! I’m excited to journal some of my favorite things about her, moments, memories, and her personality as she grows this first year. It is surreal that I get to be not just a momma, but her momma. I’m already smothering her with “Addie-level” lovings (if you know, you know!) and often find myself staring at her in disbelief – there is a new little person in the world right in front of me. And she’s ours. She’s half of me and half of Jonathan. And she has a beautiful little soul that we have been entrusted with to bring up in the Lord, to pray for, and to nurture. It is difficult to fully wrap my head around, and yet such a fulfilling and overwhelming gift. A part of us will not only be in this world, but we also pray that she will carry on the legacy of our faith and our marriage. We have great hope that the Lord has called and chosen her to be his own.

Highlights and things to remember:

  • I love burping her! Especially the first two weeks, she looked like a little limp, half asleep monkey.
  • She had her days and nights mixed up the first two nights of life, but ever since hasn’t had too much trouble sleeping at night. It is occasionally a struggle to get her to settle and go to sleep in the evenings (and we’re not a fan of afternoon naps…), but once she is out for the night, she is out for 2 – 4 hours at a time. The first week I had to wake her up to eat overnight.
  • When she is waking up, she will start stirring, grunting, stretching, kicking her legs around, squealing and squeaking, and throw her arms in the air and it is precious.
  • She kicks her little legs when she’s nursing!
  • We have had visits to the doctor, Special Delivery, and chiropractor. Ventured out to Aldi once or twice, too!
  • Our church family fed us for the first three weeks – a priceless gift! Thank you ladies of Hope!
  • All of her newborn clothes have been too big, and we only had a few footies and gowns in that size. Everyone always says they grow out of the newborn clothes so fast but we definitely didn’t have enough! She is getting bigger so we’re able to fill out our newborn clothes and we can squeak by in a few 0-3 month things at this point.
  • She loves being in the Solly wrap and Ergobaby and often falls asleep while being worn.
  • We celebrated Thanksgiving with Grandpa, G-Mama, Matt, Allie, and Grandma and Grandpa Skinner (Jonathan’s side of the family!) It was right around the 2 week growth spurt so we had a rough day, but made up for it the Friday after with lots of naps and a lazy day watching football.
  • Big fan of walks, her fluffy bear outfit (that’s not really a bear outfit, we just call it that hah), and her new rocking chair from Mimommy and Grandpa (my parents).
  • My mom came for 5 days just before she was 3 weeks and it was wonderful, treasured time. I cannot thank her enough for all of her help with food, keeping me hydrated, keeping my house in order…we loved it.
  • Her first Sunday at Hope!

Things we’re looking forward to in month 2 include a big trip to Plano to meet her aunts, uncles, and cousins, and Christmas! She will also be baptized and my heart cannot handle the anticipation!

The first 6 days postpartum we slept on the couch and lived downstairs! I’ve never been more grateful for our comfy sectional! It was a mess down there. First car ride – she went to Tulsa back-to-back days and did great! Meeting Great Grandma and Grandpa Skinner for the first time! Thanksgiving was…rough. But we made it, and we had a great Friday after to make up for it!

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