April 7, 2017

Ashley W – University of Oklahoma Senior – Oklahoma Photographer

Nothing like this gorgeous ray of sunshine to make your Friday morning! Ashley was one of the first that reached out for senior photos this season, and I was looking forward to meeting her ALL SEMESTER. She is one of those people that I’m kicking myself for not knowing earlier in life because I have been missing out. I think we would have been great friends in college! I could immediately tell her sweet and gentle spirit was overflowing and I truly hope I was able to capture that in her senior photos. She’s ambitious, passionate, and positive and I am so thrilled with how these turned out!

Also – praise the Lord I did not shake her hand when we met because as it turns out, I had the FLU when we shot these! I was absolutely dead when I got home! Finally back up and almost 100% but thank you for sticking with me and my scatter brain Ashley!

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